Uplifting Sermons From Rick VanWagner Available Anytime By Visiting Family Christian Center Website


The steady growth of Family Christian Center (FCC) from a congregation of hundreds into thousands has been one of the most rewarding accomplishments for Rick VanWagner. The church, which was first incorporated in 1993, has added room after room as it expands to serve an ever-growing number of followers. Beyond an entire kindergarten through 12th grade class system that FCC currently oversees, the church itself has added numerous services to accommodate thousands of people who come to hear sermons delivered by Rick VanWagner. Speaking about subjects ranging from finding peace and finding your purpose, to fighting fear and reviving lost dreams, those who come to FCC to hear Rick VanWagner are in for an inspirational session.

In his most recent sermon titled “How do you hear God’s Voice,” Rick VanWagner delivered a nearly 40-minute message to FCC congregation members. “How many know that the shepherd  — our shepherd, Jesus — knows us by name? You may have had to go to the DMV and get a number but how many know with Jesus that you don’t need a number and he knows who you are,” he said. However, VanWagner cautions that there are a number of roadblocks along the way of effectively connecting with Jesus. The first on the list is being too busy, which often leads to people not being able to hear the advice that’s readily available. “You have to focus better on my voice and put all the noise out around you,” Rick VanWagner said of the advice from Jesus.

In his lively, entertaining and informative delivery, FCC congregation members are treated to an uplifting sermon that’s designed to give people the inspiration they need to carry on. It also provides them with a way to cut through the noise and realize what really matters in their lives. This is one of the reasons why so many people have decided to become members of FCC and being able to review the church’s sermon archives online is an additional benefit. If you’re at home, the desk at work or exercising, all you have to do is pull up FCC’s website to view and hear dozens of sermons delivered by Pastor Rick VanWagner. We hope that you’ll come to Sunday’s service, but these videos are designed to help you along through trials and tribulations in the meantime.